Daily Archives: April 11, 2022

Felt Mother’s Day Flower

As with most of our felt projects, you will use the pattern pieces to trace and cut the center roll-up piece plus 3 different sizes of petal. I recommend 12 petals in each size, which will give you a full flower and will allow you to eliminate a petal here and there if you see fit. This flower looks great in a solid color or in a blend of colors. Different techniques will work as well – I made a purple one using only hot glue and also a yellow one that I hand stitched.

Curl felt and hot glue or stitch to the end
add a dot of hot glue to the base or fold sides together and stitch
each petal should look like this
all pieces are cut and shaped and now ready for assembly
begin gluing/stitching small petals to outer rim of center roll
continue adding medium and large petals
hot glue a magnet to back of piece