Counting Down to Kindergarten

Registration for our hybrid (half online, half in-person) summer session is open! More info below


Welcome to our Counting Down to Kindergarten program. This Schuylerville Public Library program is dedicated to helping our young children reach all their academic potential by offering a free preschool atmosphere here at the library. This class normally meets twice a week and requires registration. The program is conducted by Holly Wright and Emilly Falge Sargent.

This program features the academic and social skills your child will need prior to entering Kindergarten. Each week’s activities are based upon a theme. The typical program has a set routine: First, there is a circle time where stories are read, songs are sung, and literacy and math concepts are learned. Circle time ends with instructions for learning stations, which change every week. Then the children and their adults are free to explore the various stations. The stations also follow the theme, and each station focuses on developing various preschool level skills. Some of these skills are: early literacy, name recognition, letter recognition, counting, number recognition, name, letter, and number writing, playing cooperatively, taking turns, exploring through the senses, fine motor skills, and art exploration.

Parents/caregivers are required to remain with their children throughout the program. It is not a drop-off. We expect that adults will assist their child in learning stations and sit with them during circle time until the child is able to follow directions and participate appropriately on their own. 

This program is designed for children ages 3.5 to 5. Siblings are also welcome to attend as long as caregivers are available to assist the child registered in the program.

Registration begins a few weeks prior to a new session beginning. By filling out the form below, you can be informed when a new session is opening. We typically offer a winter/spring session that occurs between February and May, a summer session that occurs from July to August, and a fall session that occurs between September and December.

To inquire about availability: please fill out this form

(a staff member will respond within three weeks before a new session)

Summer 2021: Hybrid Counting Down to Kindergarten

Registration is open with limited spots!

Our Summer 2021 session will be a hybrid approach. Children will have access to our recorded videos from our previous virtual session, monthly packets, and also be invited to come outside with us once a week for a fun, and safe circle time. This new outdoor circle time will be in place of our Zoom session that we are currently providing for registered participants.

Miss Holly and Miss Emilly

Virtual Counting Down Links for registered participants:

Week 1 Video

Week 2 Video

Week 3 Video

Week 4 Video

Week 5 Video

Bonus Video, Letter E Craft

Bonus Video, Letter F Craft

Week 6 Video

Bonus Video (week 6)

Week 7 Video

Week 7 Bonus Video

Week 8 Video

Week 8 Bonus Video

Week 9 Video

Week 9 Bonus Video

Week 10 Video

Week 10 Bonus Video

Week 11 Video

Week 11 Bonus Video

Week 12 Video

Week 12 Bonus Video

Week 13 Video

Week 13 Bonus Video

Week 14 Video
Week 14 Bonus Video

Week 15 Video

Week 15 Bonus Video


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