Library Services

Computers and Wireless

The library has 8 public access computers. WiFi is available for those bringing in their laptops or other WiFi devices. Patrons may also access our WiFi from the parking lot.  Additional surge protected outlets have been installed throughout the Library.

Internet Policy

  • The internet is free for anyone to use
  • Patrons are restricted to 120 mins of computer use per day
  • See complete internet use policy here

Printing, faxing, scanning, and copying

  • Available from public computers and wireless devices
  • Black and White $0.25
  • Color $0.50
  • Sending $1.00 for 1st Page; $2 for 2-10 Pages; $5 for over 10 Pages.  Only US Fax Numbers Allowed.
  • Receiving – $1.00 for 1st Page; $2 for 2-10 Pages; $5 for over 10 Pages Received faxes must be picked  up by the person the fax is addressed to.  ID may be required.  The Library will hold received faxes only for two weeks and then shred them.  Fax number: 518-695-3619
  • Available upon request
  • Black and White $0.25
  • Color $0.50