Teen Volunteers

If you are 13 or older, you can become a teen volunteer! Whether you are a people person, or prefer to work behind the scenes, we have opportunities for you.

Ways to help:

Public Services Opportunities:

  • Assist at children’s programs
  • Design your own library program for teens or kids

Behind-the-Scenes Opportunities:

  • Create your own book display/book lists
  • Write book recommendations/reviews to display on shelves
  • Help with social media
  • Cleaning tasks
  • Organize and label books by series
  • Organize and straighten shelves

Have another idea? Let’s discuss!


  • Earn community service hours for National Honor Society or other service requirements
  • Build your resume
  • Learn new skills and discover new interests
  • Explore different career paths related to education, communications, human services, etc.
  • Meet new people

Interested? Contact us below.