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Bleacher Seat Cushion

Bleacher Seat Cushion, by Julie Martin


Size 8 straight needles

Worsted weight yarn in color(s) of choice

Tapestry needle

Foam piece or fiberfill (or you can cut up a really deflated bed pillow like I did)


CO 45 sts

Using color(s) of choice, work front of cushion in stockinette stitch until piece is approximately 18” long.

Begin back of cushion, working in garter stitch until piece is approximately 36” long.

Once you have finished knitting your rectangle, BO all. 

Using tapestry needle and yarn of choice, sew 2 opposite sides of cushion together, making

a pillowcase.

Next, stuff your batting/fiberfill/foam into the inside of the pillowcase. 

Finally, use tapestry needle and yarn to sew your cushion closed.