Celtic Cable Neckwarmer

Celtic Cable Neckwarmer, by Linsdsay Henricks, Storm Moon Knits

I was able to follow this pattern as written and found that it worked quite well.

You will want to make note of rows completed as you go, either on a piece of paper or using a row counter. 

You will follow a chart for this pattern. If you’ve never tried, you might be surprised at how natural it is. Simply start at the bottom row all the way to the right, reading right to left for row 1. Then on row 2, you’ll notice the even numbers are displayed on the left. That is because you are working the wrong side or back side of your work. Remember to knit the purls and purl the knits for even rows as mentioned in the pattern. Once you’ve established 4-5 rows, it will become far more visual on both sides, and you’ll notice that you are never cabling on the wrong side of the neckwarmer. 

They aren’t kidding when they suggest using yarn that you can block – avoid 100% acrylic because it will roll in on itself. 

I went ahead and used it because I had it on hand, and then I used a piece of flannel and double sided fusible iron-on webbing to make a liner that stays put forever. But it’s also less comfortable because it’s a little stiff. That’s what I get, I suppose. 

The only “correction” I might make is in the buttonhole section. I had to watch a video on binding off for buttonholes and I’m really glad I did. There are several on line in case you need one. The discrepancy came in when, in row 1 they show parenthesis information followed by “2 times”. I found that after I bound off the BO stitches the following stitch should be whatever is in pattern (knit the knit stitch or purl the purl stitch, whichever presents itself). Who knows? Maybe this pattern works perfectly for you in this one part!

To complete the project, I spent around 20 hours of my time. I hope you enjoy this pattern! Let me know if you did! My next project will not be a scarf, I can tell you that much. I have several knitting books from the library and will try to find something wonderful. Best of luck to you!

Celtic Cable Knitted Neck Warmer [FREE Knitting Pattern]