Mother’s Day Pop-Up Card

Pop-Up Mother’s Day Card

3D Cat Card DIY

Materials needed:

  • 1 sheet of cardstock in color of choice (background color)
  • Paper in different colors (heavy paper stock better)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pens, white-out for reflection in eyes
  • You can use this FREE POP UP CARD PRINTABLE:
  1. Begin by cutting your cardstock length ways in half and fold. (If you are using a library Take-and-Make, this step will already be done for you)
  2. Next cut out your free printable – you need a head, a back body with tail, a front body, middle bit and separate ears. Print out on colored paper, or cut pattern out on white paper and trace out on colored paper. (If you are using a library Take-and-Make, this pre-printed page should be in your packet.)

3. Draw the mouth/nose on the face using pen or marker and glue the eyes onto the face. We cut and glued inner ear pieces using a different color and then glued the ears to the backside of the face. Add the white dots to the eyes using white out or a silver marker and allow to dry completely.

4. Glue the back legs/tail piece on at fold. Really, we should have folded the feet just a tiny bit and glued the tips of the toes below the fold, but this pattern is pretty forgiving, so it worked fine.

5. Next, fold 2 flaps on the rectangular piece so that it looks almost like a box lid. Glue one of those flaps to the back legs as pictured above.

6. Add a line of glue to the facing flap and glue the cat’s front legs. Glue the cat face onto the front legs.

7. Fold the paws up just a little bit, evenly on both paws and dot with glue. Carefully, keeping the cat flat, fold the blue cardstock up and over the cat, adhering the front paws to the blue cardstock. This will allow the cat to fold flat AND to open up in 3-D. 

Check out our final reveal: