Write a thank you note

How to write a proper thank you note:

A handwritten thank you is so important to be able to write. Once you know how to navigate one, you’ll be showing off your skills each time. 

  1. Use your best penmanship. 
  1. The opening line should address the recipient 

ex: “Dear Myles,”

If you are addressing a company or institution, try one of these examples:


Dear Hiring Manager”,

Dear Friends of the Animal Shelter”,

  1. The body of the thank you note should consist of 3 unique sentences that express your gratitude and their thoughtfulness. Avoid repeating yourself. Spell check frequently.


I am so excited to use the new water filter you gave me for graduation. I can tell that I will be using this frequently after my workouts! Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift and for celebrating my big day with me.


I was so pleased to receive your money gift. It was very generous and gracious of you to support my fundraiser this year. With your help, my team and I will be able to reach out to needy children who otherwise would have so little.


Thank you for your wedding gift to us! We look forward to using the soup tureen at every special occasion, especially this coming Thanksgiving. We truly appreciate the support our family has given us as we begin our new venture together.

Notice in these examples that you have referenced the specific gift. Does anyone want to receive a thank you note from someone who can’t even remember what the gift was?  Not likely. Also, you have acknowledged that the donor was thoughtful, and that you have plans to make proper use of the gift.

  1. When closing your thoughts, you may choose “love”, “sincerely”, or others. I find “yours” to fit all sorts of relationships, both professional and personal.