Pot Holders

DIY Pot Holders

This Caduceus print fabric was found at Walmart. I’m sure many masks have been made with this print, since it is used by the American Medical Association. 

Any non-stretch cotton cloth may be used for this project. You will need an 18-inch X 18-inch square minimum, plus 2 yards of bias tape and 4 felt pieces that will measure 9-inch X 9-inch squares. We used a sewing machine for this project, but I imagine that hand stitching would also do the trick.

Step 1: Using an existing pot holder, we found we had enough felt and cotton cloth to make 2 9-inch pot holders. We squared the felt pieces first using a marker and scissors, then used those  2 felt pieces to measure and cut the cotton fabric. 

Step 2: In order to keep the felt from shifting around inside the pot holder, we sandwiched 2 squares of felt between 2 squares of fabric, right sides facing. Then we top-stitched a simple  criss-cross on our pot holder.  

Step 3: Add bias tape around raw edge of pot holder. I was able to find a video that showed  this perfectly, so we will share it here:

Mitered corners with bias tape

Granted, this work is not worthy of a 4H contest, we found that it worked quite well for amateur at-home use. We made a second pot holder for a matching set. I hope you try one for your own use!