For Readers

The Library has never been easier to use! 

Did you know that you can download eBooks and audio-books on the go with SALON?
Did you know that you can access your library account from home?
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Online Library Services


Nifty websites for Readers

  • What Should I Read Next
    • Enter some recent books that you have enjoyed and get instant recommendations
  • Goodreads
    • Create a free account and keep track of all those books – Never again ask “Did I read that?”
  • Local Authors
    • Snazzy little site that has a list of local authors. Our Library may not own every book but we can certainly get it for you!
  • Saratoga Reads
    • Saratoga Reads! was created with an uncomplicated goal in mind — to invite the Saratoga community to read a great book and to engage in activities and conversations inspired by this shared experience.