Children and Family

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Scoop up some books and read 1,000 books before kindergarten. For more information head on over to the 1,000 books page – it has everything from registration, to how the program works.

Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night is held on the third Friday of every month at 6pm. Free and Open to the public, we show movies rated G or PG. Bring your popcorn and pj’s! For movie title please contact the Library.

Family Literacy Calendar

DaybyDayNY is a website for young children and their families. It is part of the New York State Library early literacy initiative Ready to Read at New York Libraries. This nifty web site has a song, story, activity, and more for each day of the year.

Reading Lists

These reading lists are available through the Schuylerville Elementary School Library website. Mrs. Weeks, Elementary School Librarian, has put together lists for everything and includes some neat tips and tricks for navigating homework and the web.

Story Time

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10am.

Homework Help

Here are some neat links for Homework Help

  • Student Resources
    • Elementary School’s recommended sites for homework help
      • Why Miss. Brittany likes it: School approved sites generally offer better information, makes those research projects that much easier if you can’t make it to the library in time. 
  • Google Scholar
    • Excellent resource for finding information
      • Why Miss. Brittany likes it: Great site! You can find articles and resources on just about any topic, and since these articles are “scholarly” or involving or relating to serious academic study the information is reliable. This site is handy for students well into college.
  • IXL Math and English
    • An international site, but focuses strongly on Math and English skills.
      • Why Miss. Brittany likes it: It has NY state standards, measurable skills for each grade level in both math and language arts – key for helping with those pesky ELA exams in late elementary school. 
  • Online Research Support
    • SALS (Southern Adirondack Library System) recommended sites for research
      • Why Miss. Brittany likes it: While not so handy for our early reader friends (pre-school to 1st grade), this site has a plethora of information about everything – job hunting, health, taxes, homework, general information, and much more. It’s a good resource for parents rather than children. 
  • Homework Spot
    • A good ‘go to’ tool for answering those pesky homework problems.
      • Why Miss. Brittany likes it: There isn’t much you can’t find and answer to on this site, takes a little digging but the information is handy and helpful.